luciana conte
Real Estate Sales Representative

"The best part of real estate sales is the people you meet and the genuine friendships you create for life. And of course the fun. One of the biggest purchases you'll ever make in your life and for it to not be fun and memorable, I mean, what's the point?" 

who is she:

A graduate from the University of Toronto with an Honour's B.A. in French Linguistics and Italian, Luciana's focus was language and communication. Building relationships and connecting with people are some of life's essential elements, and the elements most important to her. After six years inside one of North America's largest real estate brands, her progression to full time real estate sales was a no brainer and her dedication to people came along with her. 

what she's got down pat: 

Pricing correctly through her proficiency in detailed market analysis and high end marketing know-how to position your home to sell. 

personal touch:  

Warm, outgoing, fun and a bit quirky. Who doesn't need a bit of quirky in their life? C'mon! Easy to love and always puts her clients first. Luciana is honest, sincere, and enjoys being there for people.